Fall 2012 charm Trends: Bringing Back Finger Waves & Pin Curls






It’s hard to think of the 1920s without conjuring up images of the illustrious flappers, who astonished the world with their fringed dresses, makeup and a tendency to get into trouble. Of course, looking back, these strong women not only had terrific taste in hair and clothes, but they also had steadfast beliefs and helped pave the way for numerous of the freedoms women delight in today.

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Two types of hairstyles that were popular during that time period and into the 1930s are finger waves and pin curls. Women all over the country would go to salons to have their hair “set” in this fashion. Remember, straight hair wasn’t the rage like it is today. It was all about how numerous waves and ringlets you could fit in with your hairstyle.

Lately, numerous stars have been showing off their own versions of this vintage look, which creates a classy old world appearance that work well on a variety of hairstyles and hair lengths. This is actually quite a challenging hairstyle to pull off by yourself, but with practice it can be achieved.

The Return of Finger Waves and Pin Curls

Short Hair

Finger waves and pin curls work well with all lengths of hair. In fact, if you have long hair, these looks can actually make your hair appear shorter depending on the way they are styled and put up. For example, although Heidi Klum has shorter hair in this picture, the majority of her hair is stacked up in the back. Pin curls refer to the actual curls that are secured with bobby pins and the finger waves are what they look like when they are let out. Finger waves look different on different people, depending on hair type and the length of time you brush it out.

In another terrific example of finger waves, this stunning model’s hair is in a short pixie cut. Her short finger waves not only have terrific style, but they have amazing shine as well.

Although similar in style to the first two photos, the finger waves on this Prada model are actually much much more dramatic, which shows that the style can be altered to suit your tastes. For example, if you are attempting this style to wear frequently to work, you can start off with something subtle. However, if you are dressing up as a flapper for Halloween (or walking on the runway!) you can go with a much more dramatic look.

Medium to Long Hair

When pin curls are let out, they create stunning long waves. This style worn by January Jones is parted to one side, which draws much more attention to the waves in the front of her head. In this version of finger waves, the texture begins best at the root, giving terrific volume to her hair.

Finger waves don’t always have to start at the root, however. You can easily create a style like this, where the top portions of the head are smoothed out and straightened, only leaving the ends of the layered hair in tight ringlets.

This style is one of the few universal looks. I believe it looks terrific on all hair types and even colors. For example, these two stunning blonde celebrities show off their finger waves, and you can easily see how different brush styles can make the curls look completely different on different people.

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