11 Ways to Spruce Up Your home this fall






Every time the fall season rolls around, I feel like I need a change, as if I’m preparing to go back to school, even though it’s been–gasp–ages since I have. but even though I don’t have to beg my mom for the mega-pack of Crayola crayons and a hot new outfit for that first day back at school, I do deserve a little sprucing-up, right? The best way to do that is in my nest! If you feel that same fall itch for change, then check out these 11 ways to spruce up your place for fall:

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Make Your home ready for Autumn

1. Paint one wall–Easily the most dramatic change you can do without hiring a contractor is to paint–though you may need a masseuse afterward! pick a room and just one wall. Boom! Instant change and a new color to inspire your whole room.

2. frame a whole lotta nothing –

If you’re crafty, you can make your own wooden frames, but if you need some help, check out Etsy.com for frame collections. Frames, sans photos and glass, can make fascinating arrangements on your wall, especially when they include one or two unexpected colors. choose different shapes and textures for maximum architectural interest. just be sure to lay the frames out on the floor to find the perfect arrangement before taking to the wall with nails.

3. Pillow fight –

Say goodbye to old and tired throw pillows, whether they’re on your bed or sofa, and swap them with fall-inspired colors and prints for one of the fastest and cheapest ways to upgrade your place.

4. Go green–We often think spring is for planting, but give your place a facelift with some happy greenage. A few cheerful plants placed around your living space will immediately add warmth and life.

5. throw it to the ground–A new rug anchors a room and can set the tone for color, print or the shape. find a fall centerpiece rug to immediately change your room’s vibe, which just may also inspire a furniture rearrangement.

6. create Your own happy hour –

Building a mini-bar in the living or dining area immediately inspires entertaining, while answering to that cool autumn air that has us wanting a nightcap somewhere cozy. just a couple of shelves with glasses, wines and liquors or a one-stop-shop bar stand can easily transform a corner. If you’re tight on space, try a vintage drink cart on wheels with an antique mirror table-top for a taste of old Hollywood glam.

7. clean up your clutter–Spring may be the instinctual time for cleaning, but you can easily give your home a fresh feeling for fall by getting organized. try stores like Marshalls and HomeGoods to stock up on cute box organizers that will eat up your extra papers, magazines and items that have no place on your tables and desk.

8. Lights, camera, action–The type of lighting in your home sets a mood faster than any song, perfume or throw pillow can. We all know we look great in golden lighting, so make sure you’ve got a lamp or two that emits a glow worthy of your own closeup. sometimes this change is a whole new lamp and other times it’s as simple as a new light bulb. If it’s the latter, try Edwardian bulbs, which are making a major comeback, for that perfect glow.

9. Tuck yourself into happy–Is your bedspread pastel, white or bright? Swap it for fall with a cozy new print or color tone that matches what you see outside: golden, rust and/or forest green shades.

10. Hang what you love –

Take a walk around your place and analyze your walls. If you don’t absolutely love and cherish everything hanging on them, then now is the time for change. Take the time to find a piece of art or an interesting mirror that absolutely calls to you, and replace whatever you hung for the heck of it with your new love affair.

11. Back to school–Get back to basics with a good ol’ chalkboard. Gone are the days of anxiety from solving arithmetic problems on the board in front of class, and here are the days of having a fun space that can change with every minute. A framed chalkboard is just as fun as painting one on your wall wherever you fancy.

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