How to eliminate Scuff Marks from Patent leather Shoes






Dear budget plan Fashionista,

How does one eliminate scuff marks from patent leather shoes? I have a cream pair that has brown marks as well as I have a red pair that has black marks. Do I requirement to go to a shoe shop??

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How to get Scuff Marks Off Shoes


Don’t spend money at a shoe shop up until you’ve tried this tip. Head to your regional drugstore as well as purchase the cheapest bottle of non acetone nail polish remover you can find. Dip a Q-tip in the remover as well as apply it to your scuff, carefully rubbing the mark off.

You might likewise try hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol, however you requirement to be cautious as to not eliminate and/or discolor the dye on your shoes.

Here’s a excellent video that gives tips on removing scuff marks from shoes

Note: likewise works with routine leather shoes

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