Webinar: Perinatal compound Use: Screening, Treatment, as well as effect on pregnancy Outcomes

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Substance utilize as well as medication overdoses in the United States are on the increase since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Researchers likewise report increased stress and anxiety as well as anxiety among expecting women. What does this mean for perinatal compound use? as well as what can house visitors do to help?

In this webinar — hosted by LA Best Babies Network on September 16, 2021, for personnel in our network of house visiting organizations as well as Welcome infant hospitals — Dr. Margaret Lynn Yonekura, MD:

Defines addiction, compound utilize disorder, as well as opioid utilize disorder
Shares the importance of screening for perinatal compound use, including exactly how to acknowledge as well as determine compound abuse
Discusses the short- as well as long-lasting effect of compound abuse for mom as well as baby
Reviews prospective treatment options as well as resources in the community
Provides strategies for sharing treatment options as well as resources with families in a non-judgmental way

About the presenter:

In addition to serving as LABBN’s executive Director, Dr. Margaret Lynn Yonekura is the director of neighborhood Benefits for Dignity health and wellness – California hospital medical Center. She is likewise an Associate professor of clinical Ob-Gyn at the university of southern California as well as the university of California, Los Angeles, with a research study focus in infectious diseases in Ob-Gyn as well as perinatal compound abuse. Dr. Yonekura likewise oversees Options for Recovery: Harbor-South Bay, the comprehensive perinatal compound abuse treatment program she established over 20 years back at Harbor-UCLA medical Center.

Over the program of her career, Dr. Yonekura has received numerous awards for mentor excellence as well as has been recognized at the local, state, as well as national levels for her service to the neighborhood as well as for the programs that she directs. 

LABBN hosted this webinar for Welcome infant Registered Nurses as well as other personnel in L.A. County’s Family Strengthening Network on September 16, 2021.Please subscribe to LABestBabies on YouTube!

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