The Eyes Have it: Make ‘Em Pop with these simple Eyeshadow Tips






Eyeshadow doesn’t have to be a love or hate thing.  great deals of my friends forgo wearing it altogether because they’re not sure how to make it work for them. cream or powder? Dark or light?

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Other people have zero eyeshadow fear, however sadly end up with a Bozo the Clown look as a result. For shame! Ladies, it’s time to make your eyes pop.  We’ve got you covered with some simple eyeshadow basics, namely, exactly how to wear eyeshadow like a makeup pro.

Eyeshadow Application Tips

Less is More

Resist the temptation to get heavy-handed.  as well much of great thing (my preferred color sapphire blue, for example) can be a poor thing:  I utilized to drown my lids with the color years ago, making me look much more like Mimi on the Drew Carey show than the glam gal I believed I was.

When I caught up with fashion as well as charm professional Tai Beauchamp recently, she was all about embracing subtlety.  Her advice?  “Many women have a tendency to believe of the holidays as a time to go all-out with shimmer,”  Beauchamp said.  “They think, ‘let me put frost everywhere.’ Don’t overdo it.  Tasteful as well as soft is key.”  We believe her guidance – holiday time or not – makes ideal sense.

Go simple on the eyes with lighter shades or at least, lighter pressure while applying.

Bring out Those infant Blues (or Browns, or…)

The best eyeshadow shade, just like with clothes, can make eyes pop.  however be careful.  just since Emerald is the color of the year, I can’t always wear on my eyes what works on my body, or at least glaze my lids in the shade (see less is much more section). 

Almay intense i-Color Bold Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, $7.49,

My browns tend to look best with soft blues as well as plums (yay me: most shades work for brown – as well as hazel – eyed gals).   Lavenders are excellent for eco-friendly eyed ladies while neutrals as well as pink hues make blues pop.

It’s likewise essential to be mindful of where shadow is applied.  I utilized to dust a streak of blue across my lid as well as call it a day.  Once I discovered exactly how applying different hues on different parts of my eye area added dimension as well as made them come alive, I was addicted. 

The common guideline of thumb for most ladies?  A darker shade on the lid, a medium tone above that (crease) as well as then a neutral, pale color underneath brows – all within the exact same household of colors, of course.   I’ve always loved Almay’s foolproof shadow, packaged based on eye color and laid out to show what color goes on what part of the eye.

Bases, Everyone

L’Oreal true match Super-Blendable Makeup, $11.49 from

Just like with blush or lip color, the best foundation or liner makes all the difference.  Without a foundation on lids, eyeshadow cakes as well as fades faster.  I like to apply the smallest amount of my liquid foundation on my lids as well as brow bone (no requirement to get one specifically for eyes – what I utilize on my face works just fine as well as saves me money – to get much more eyeshadow, ha). foundation gives my shadow incredible staying power.

Material, Girl

With so numerous choices out there, what’s a gal to do?  From creams as well as shimmers to frosts as well as powders, it can be overwhelming.  Mainly, I’m huge not so much on what one feels airy on my lids, however which one works for my eye color, age as well as of course, lasts long.

Maybelline EyeStudio color Tattoo 24Hr Eyeshadow, Painted Purple, $6.99,

Frosts tend to work out into skin folds, so for those of us experiencing the joys of slightly sagging lids as well as fine lines (my practically 39-year-old self says extremely sarcastically), stay away from excess sparkle as well as shimmer.  Creams are fantastic for their staying power, mattes as well as minerals normally have much more pigments so they’re commonly a excellent option for getting all HollyGlam as well as powders are suitable for using on the entire eye or to accentuate only the brow area.

Go ahead as well as experiment.  I was like a youngster in a candy store testing out different materials as well as discovering what worked best for me.  Have fun!

The best Time, the best Place

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows, Precious Metals, $6.49,

We’ve all seen her.  She walks into the Monday morning satisfying looking much more like she ought to have a balloon in her hand than a budget plan report.  There’s something about exactlyhow an overdone eye (I’m talking waaaay overdone) during the day can take a woman from associate to clown in an instant.  If I’m going out after work, I wear a lighter shade of the color I plan to wear out later, then just amp it up before heading out.  Think: heather gray powder on lids during work, then a heavier application just before satisfying friends.  Often, I’ll bring a considerably darker color as well as texture type  (I’m wild about charcoal/pewter creams) to work to produce a remarkable impact for the evening hours.

What are some of your go-to tips for wearing eyeshadow?

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