We’ll Take Our morning Hair with Half-and-Half: how to Make Half-Up/Half-Down Hair Hip






The half-up/half-down hairstyle has always been my go-to look for many reasons. First, let’s face it– I can’t stand it when my hair gets in my face. I’ve tried, ladies, trust me, but my day just goes better when I’m not fidgeting with my hair. So half- up/half-down it is. It’s a great choice because it’s easy to accomplish and can look as though you put in way more effort than say, a dressy ponytail. Of course, there are many ways to skin a cat put your hair half-up. Check out the celebrity styles we’ve featured to see what I mean.

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How to Rock the Half-Up/Half-Down Hairstyle

Use a middle Part

Credit: Matt Baron/People.com

Instead of pulling all of your hair straight back, try a middle part in the front, smoothing your hair down the sides and securing it in the back with a pretty barrette or even bobby pins if you have short hair. This helps your half-up/half-down style to have a more unique, unpredictable look.

Bump It & Curl It

Credit: David Fisher/People.com

Angie has stunning hair, which is made even more gorgeous by her long, loose curls in this hairstyle. To get the look, first hot-roll your hair. When the hot rollers come out, throw your head back and loosely gather the top half of your hair. before securing it with a barrette, push it forward slightly and spray generously with hairspray. once the top half of your hair is secure, gently run your fingers through the bottom half to loosen up the curls.

Slicked Back

Credit: Lancome/Style.com

For a more high-fashion style, let your hair air-dry so it has an organic, unfinished look. Take the top half of your hair and slick it straight back with a wet comb, keeping it close to your head. secure with bobby pins or a barrette.

For Those With Layers

Credit: Rick Diamond/People.com

If you have shorter layers in your hair or are growing out bangs, you can actually create a really pretty half-up/half-down look with loose strands. First, separate out your shorter strands in the front of your hair and put them aside by gathering them with a clip. then fix the rest of your hair as you would normally create a half-up/half-down style. When you are finished, take the shorter pieces of your hair that you put aside and break into small sections, spraying them generously while you pull them back and stick them in your hair with bobby pins. It will create a loose look that is red-carpet ready.

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