exactly how to wear flare trousers?

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Even when the flare is supposed to be making a comeback, we never see that much in the streets.

Therefore it is sometimes difficult to figure out exactly how to wear it. particularly when we got so utilized to wearing skinny pants all year long.

I believe you indeed have to select the right ones for you as well as style them in a method that suits you in order to look excellent with it. Not as simple as with skinny pants.

But when you handle to do it, it is excellent cause they make you stand out by looking different from the crowd.

1. exactly how to select your flare pants?

The flare pants are NOT “wide-legged pants”, they are wide-bottom pants only.

Like the ones that utilized to be prominent in the seventies.

Therefore their upper part shall be tighter than their bottom part.

A.  Width

The taller you are, the wider your pants can be.

Flares with super big bottoms will shorten petite girls.

My advice would be to never go over the top in terms of bottom width anyway (too big right here or here).

You do not requirement that to be stylish.

And that is commonly not extremely practical.

B. Lenght

The flare pants tend to shorten the leg, so they look best worn full lenght, almost hitting the floor (almost! It shall not touch the floor, otherwise, they’ll get ripped, wet, dirty, etc.).

Calculate the lenght according to the shoes you are gonna wear the pants with. If you cut them with flat shoes as well as then wear heels, you’ll be looking like this, which is not stylish.

Harper as well as Harley

If you have short legs as well as a long torso or if you are just short, I advise you to wear heels under your flare pants.

Right now, there is a pattern of wearing the flare 7/8 lenght.

I must state I believe it will only look great if you have super long legs cause that truly cuts the leg.

Natalie off duty

C. Waist

High or low waist are both nice looking.

Of program if you have short legs, using high waisted pants can be a great technique to lengthen them.

D. Bodytype

Flare pants look excellent on extremely different girls.

Tall as well as slender girls will benefit from the volume they provide to the silhouette.

The broad hips from other girls will look slimmer than with skinny pants in comparison with the bottom’s width.

Living in color print

Short girls may not look their best with flare pants if they do not wear heels.

Busty girls with belly (sometimes called “apple”) as well as narrow hips likewise do not look their best with flare pants that widens their slim legs as well as provide the perception of an general larger body.

E. Fabric, color as well as prints

Any fabrics, colors as well as prints can be cool!

The material shall be somehow stiff, otherwise we are talking palazzo pants.

2. exactly how to style your flare pants?

On the contrary of wide-legged or oversize pants, flare are rather skin-tight on the top as well as widen only at the bottom.

Therefore both tight as well as loose tops look excellent with them.

I suggest you to stay away from stiff fabrics as well as square looking shapes cause they’ll make you look like a rectangle.

A. With a top tucked or half tucked

Like a fluid T-shirt, a cashmere sweater, a light shirt, etc.

The tucking in of half-tucking in is recommended for ladies with flat bellies.

Natalie off duty

The fashionista next door

Melina Burke

Depending of the fabrics you select it can look either casual (like the outfits above) or dressy.

Crepe silk pants with loose cashmere sweater would look advanced for instance.

B. With a top worn outside

If you have broad hips or wanna minimize your Kim K style bootie, wearing your top outside is the perfect choice.

For the slimming impact it shall stop right at the crotch level (but shorter can be stylish too).

Choose something fluid however not tight.

That style can fit anyone of course.

The northern light

Kacies closet

Coco+Kelley (the jacket is fluid)

This last outfits shows that flares can be nice office trousers.

D. Oversized tops

Frankie hearts fashion

If you are tall as well as slim, that will make you look casual as well as great for weekends.

C. With a short top

The great thing with high waisted flares is that they do not look as well sexy already.

So you can add some sexyness with a top that shows a bit of your belly.

It can be either tight or wide (crop top).

Karla’s closet

(NB: Karla has curvy hips – that I believe are lovely – so you can tell exactly how flare pants minimize with this pic)

E. With a sexy top

As said above, the flare pants are not as well sexy themselves.

So you can add something daring like a silk cami.

Perfect combo for a night out.

Gary pepper girl

F. With tailored coats

Since wide bottoms pants, as their nameimplies, already have a wide bottom, I prefer to stay fitted on the upper part of the outfit.

Like with a tailored coat that falls straight.

J.Crew FW 2015

Hope now you have ideas about what flares to pick as well as exactly how to wear them!

And you? Do you wear flare trousers?

Cover collage: Vicky violet on chictopia, Taylor Tomasi by Phil Oh on street Pepper, Carolyn Sandstrom


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